DJ Rose actively creates musical atmospheres like no other. She is a self-taught, open format DJ currently based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Using her Jamaican-American background to her advantage, her love for music shows throughout her work.

At the age of 18, she decided to combine two of her longtime loves, music and entertainment and venture into the DJ scene.

In just 5 years of venturing into the profession, DJ Rose has managed to captivate a wide range of audiences. Her talents have earned her awards and have put her in places one can only dream of. In 2022 her talents placed on her on the main stage at SweetHeat Miami (AKA Miami’s Pride for women) a festival garnering 40,000+ attendees and counting. Also in 2022, she was recognized locally during the West Palm Beach DJ Awards and was granted the award of “Most Improved DJ”.

Locally, DJ Rose has captured the hearts of many. So much so, that she quickly became a house DJ and face for the local Caribbean station 103.7fm SupaJamz Radio. Having originally started during the nighttime slot as practice, her late night show ended up being such a success that she earned two primetime slots on the station and a permanent guest slot on the Friday morning show.

DJ Rose believes it is important to be yourself because you never know who you may be inspiring in the process. Her “straightforward but down to earth persona can be seen on across all media platforms as well as in person. She also strives to always put her community first. She believes that selfless acts, have a positive impact not only on the person receiving, but the person that is giving as well.

Currently, she can be found wherever the music is. She has made it her mission to pursue and perfect her craft. As well as making a positive impact to the DJ community.

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